Canine Flu Case in Oregon

This is not a typical post but more of a new flash I thought I’d share since I think it’s important to pass along. I’m not sure anyone remembers what happened when it hit Chicago but here’s a story from 2016.

I’ve heard from multiple Veterinary Hospitals that they received an update last week from the state veterinarian reporting the first confirmed case of canine influenza (CIV) in Grants Pass, OR.

Signs of the Canine Flu:

According to the Oregon Vet Medical Association, “the most common clinical signs are coughing, loss of appetite, lethargy, fever, sneezing, and discharge from the eyes and/or nose. Dogs can become ill within 24 hours of exposure. Some dogs don’t show symptoms but are able to infect other dogs for weeks. Most dogs diagnosed with canine influenza experience a mild form of the disease.”

From Pearl Animal Hospital: “We strongly recommend the vaccine for dogs who are frequenting dog parks or are in high dog-traffic areas such as condos/apartments. We also suggest the vaccine for senior dogs, those with cardiac disease, pre-existing pulmonary disease, and brachycephalic (short nose breeds such as french bulldogs and pugs) dogs.”

I had Bruiser vaccinated last Friday and the other two will get their vaccinations this week. There is a booster with this vaccination so you’ll be visiting the vet twice. So it’s a two dose series 3-4 weeks apart. Immunity isn’t achieved until after the second immunization.

Call your Veterinarian with any questions or concerns. Protect your pack!









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  1. Monika & Sam says:

    Thank you for sharing this alert. Always good to be informed on potential danger out there.

  2. We had an outbreak of CIV here last Fall, while I was doing my externship. Ducky hadn’t been to daycare since before then, so I had her vaccinated and kept her home until after the 2nd shot had a chance to become effective. Shadow was not vaccinated but was fine.