Chewy Review: Puzzle Toys & Primal Treats



Top things to do on a rainy day? Puzzle toys are high on our list and it poured rain all weekend. #sponsored

I tested the Outward Hound Star Spinner with Walter and it’s super cool with three layers and a ton of compartments to put treats in. I talk more about it below and included a video of Walter so you can see how it works. If you don’t have any puzzle toys around then try this trick I learned:

  • Place kibble or treats inside muffin tins and cover them with tennis balls – voila! puzzle toys!

One of the tips trainers, Cinthia Alia Mitchell and Nicole Nicassio-Hiskey, talk about in their wonderful book are the impact puzzle toys have. Whether it’s finding some puzzle toys like the Nina Ottoson we have in our house, this Spinner from OR simply freezing yogurt into Kong’s so your pack has something to occupy themselves when you leave the house are all ways to keep everyone happy!

Putting treats inside muffin tins is in their book. Or head over to and look through all their interactive toys!

Outward Hound Star Spinner:

What I love – the Star Spinner has 10 chambers that you can fill with treats or kibble. Walter uses his paws to nuzzle at the Star Spinner, and quickly learned to retrieve the hidden treats. There are three levels – which my other interactive toys don’t have…

Primal Jerky Chicken Nibs: Perfect for interactive puzzle toys which is why I tested both this month…

What I love – These are human-grade treats that are packed with flavor and protein. Primal Jerky Organic Chicken Nibs Dog & Cat Treats are produced using organic chicken raised in the United States without antibiotics or added hormones, and contain no preservatives, grain or gluten. So you cannot go wrong!

Key Benefits

  • Made with certified organic chicken raised in the United States
  • No antibiotics or added hormones
  • Single source protein
  • Healthy bite-sized treats for cats and dogs
  • No preservatives
  • Grain and gluten-free


Disclaimer: We received a Puzzle Toy and Primal Treats from as part of their blogger program in exchange for an honest review.  I only share information about products that I believe in and already fit into our doggie lifestyle and routine. did not compensate me for this post.  


Video of the Spinner!


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  1. I would love to use treat toys with my dogs, but we have too many dogs. And Rodrigo breaks the toys eventually – LOL.

    So I’ve play hide and seek. I shut the door to a room (we have pocket doors with windows so the dogs can see what I’m doing). They they come in and look for the treats. It’s fun.

    • You know, I totally get it. We have three dogs and anytime any toy is out they have to be separated by baby gates. Even with three dogs – that tends to be fairly high maintenance… Hide and seek is awesome! My lazy version is: hide a bunch in the couch cushions and let them individually look for treats when I’m on a call and they’re freaking out!

  2. Sue says:

    Rudy and Rosie love puzzle toys and, thankfully, wait their turns 🙂 Need to check out this star spinner. Great review and love the video.

    • Thank you! Honestly, the Spinner is different enough with the layers that it feels different than some of the other puzzle toys! Appreciate your kind words about the video – silly Walty… 🙂

  3. It sure looks like Walter was having fun! A puzzle with treats. In fact, a 3 level puzzle, which likely means more treats. 🙂