Dog Coat Drive: Donate!

updated: (11-8) larger sizes are in need if you happen to have a big dog. Also, some folks are buying cheaper jackets on Amazon and dropping those off… 

Do you all use the app, Nextdoor? I stumbled upon it about a year ago. The reason I love it is the community actually talks to each other about important issues going on. One example is a thread I saw about a dog coat drive. A wonderful member of the community reached out about collecting dog coats now that the weather is turning colder.

As a result of her reaching out,  OREV, Specialty Vet Care – a clinic located in the Multnomah Village, volunteered to coordinate a dog coat drive and be a designated drop off location. They posted it on their Facebook page and have a box in their lobby to drop things. This is the post: 

Dogs get cold and wet, too.
Especially when they live outside on the streets. We’re collecting gently worn dog coats/raincoats, and partnering with PAW team who’ll distribute them to needy dogs who live on the streets with their humans. 

Drop location:

OREV Specialty Vet Care, 7637 SW 33rd Ave. In Multnomah Village

I dropped off a few gently used coats last week and you should too!

Some facts: Older dogs and dogs with a short coat do benefit from a light fleece or pullover – here are some reasons why…

According to PetMD – and based on experience living with an older dog that has a short coat, dogs with weaker immune systems can use an extra source of warmth. And yes, sometimes they even benefit from wearing a fleece or a layer beneath their coat.

Coat drive

Come and drop off some coats! 





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  1. I really LOVE this idea and need to look for something like this in my area. Ruby has SO MANY coats and sweaters.

    • You know — someone literally suggested it on Next Door and it just materialized. I thought the same thing and dropped off so much stuff the dogs don’t wear anymore!!