Enrichment for Doxie Puppies: Lessons from Experts


I was lucky enough to spend an afternoon with my friend Laura who is the guardian of a litter of Goodwood puppies – this is a Huti/Fifa litter and they are adorable. Laura created a puppy enrichment area to help the puppies build confidence in areas including: noise, textures, shiny objects – all are safe objects that the puppies love to explore. Some of these items are a simple kitchen brush and many of these things can be purchased at the Dollar Store. This is also something that new puppy owners can consider creating themselves as these experiences may help later on. Why I’m writing about this: Shermie is deathly afraid of fireworks and thunder.

It’s likely he wasn’t exposed to anything as a pup and he certainly wasn’t desensitized to loud noises. Not only do we have to drug Shermie, we also have to monitor him so he doesn’t harm himself. I’m not saying this is an all out “cure” to eliminating these *fear* issues but it can only HELP. So ask if you’re looking for a puppy if they have various types of ways to desensitize the puppies from “scary” objects to help them grow in these areas when they’re small. It is worth asking and will make a difference…



Enrichment area for Puppies: Created by Laura

Enrichment area for Puppies: Created by Laura

More about this adorable litter of Doxie puppies can be found here: http://www.goodwood-oregon.com/DachshundsHome.htm