Fuzzy Felties of the Dogs: A Q&A with the Etsy Artisan


I was looking at Instagram posts randomly one day and I stumbled across a Fuzzy Feltie made by the very talented, Le L from the Etsy store 38StarPoint. I travel a bunch for work and while I have a million pics of the pack I thought it would be fun to have a 3-D version of them to “travel” along with me. Sounds silly? Perhaps if you’re a pet parent, you get it! I love interviewing people that are super passionate about their craft!
After seeing these I wanted to share them with the world. And I also wanted to feature the artisan and what inspires her.
Etsy store owner
Le L from 38StarPoint

Q1. What do you love most about your creations?

A1. I love that I create something so personal for people. I’m creating people’s family members. I try very hard to capture the animal’s personality so when people look at them they’re like yep that’s my dog.

Q2. What inspired you to create an etsy store?

A2. I actually wasn’t going to make a store. I was making them for friends last year and it was a little overwhelming with requests. So I stopped for a year. Then my best friend pushed me to start selling them. In order for me to get out of my comfort zone I needed to have a goal and that was super easy as I wanted to help animals. So I donate a portion to no kill animal shelters.

I’m going to donate to different shelters every other month. My first donation was to the humane society. My next donation next month will be to Seattle Area Feline Rescue. its not a big donation, but I’m excited that I can contribute.

Q3. What is your absolute favorite fuzzy creation?

A3. Lol, there’s no way I can choose just one. Each one is my favorite when I make them.

These were $20 per Fuzzy but priceless as far as I’m concerned. Those of you going to Blog Paws will see them as well! I’ve decided to take these 3-D pets instead of flat pets since these are already made.



Bruisy may think it’s a treat…





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  1. Those are absolutely precious! I would love to have one of Bentley and Pierre. Le L is very talented. I look forward to seeing them and you at BlogPaws. ☺

    • Thank you! I just had to get all three dogs created even though it was over the top. You must have one made for both Bentley and Pierre — cannot wait to meet you and the boys!

  2. Nichole says:

    Those are just amazing! I took a dog felting class several years ago, but wasn’t very good at it. 🙂

  3. Jana Rade says:

    Haha, this is just too cute.

  4. I love your fuzzy pack! I want one for Mr. N too. I have a felting kit in the closet that I still haven’t touched…

  5. These are so adorable! I love the pic of them all in their little boxes!!

  6. As an artisan, I KNOW these things take time and a lot of talent. Beautiful work!!

  7. Amanda says:

    These are wonderful! I can’t wait to see them in person!

  8. I love needle felting animals – or should I say, I love buying needle felted animals. I tried needle felting even bought a fool proof kit to make various animals. Didn’t work so well …I made an elephant and within 24 hours the tail and trunk fell off. #feltingfail

  9. Oh my! These are so adorable!!! I wish I had one of each of my pups! I am seldom away from my pups, but they would look so great adorning my desk in the home office!

  10. Sherri says:

    OMG I’m dying. I want these done for my pets. Take them travelling? Brilliant. I’m logging on the site now…

  11. Ruth Epstein says:

    OMG they are adorable, am putting them on MY wishlist – umm do I have one

  12. Lindsay says:

    Oh my gosh, I so have to look into these because I always take pictures with me and Jeff usually prints surprise pictures for me, too,because I miss the boys so much when we go away, so this would be perfect!!! 🙂

    • We do that too! They’re so small you can literally put them in your purse so when you miss your boys you can just put take them out and they’ll make you smile 🙂 They’re so life like and sweet! Check out her shop for sure.

  13. venus says:

    OMG the girl who does these are so talented. She puts so much detail into them . There so life like!! Amazing!

  14. I must have these!!! Seriously, this is an adorable splurge that must happen. 3-Ds of Simon, Zora and Piper certainly won’t happen if it’s left up to my DIY skills 😉

  15. The eyes are what really make them precious, they’re so alive! I love that her profits contribute to no-kill shelters, too.

  16. Robin says:

    These are so cute! They look just like your dogs. 🙂 That is a great option for travel to a convention like BlogPaws. It can be expensive to travel with a real pet (not to mention the pet may not be thrilled about it).

  17. Those are really cute! It’s great that she donates to no-kill animal shelters, too.

  18. These are so darn cute and tiny! I might have to place a few orders!

  19. These are wonderful! What a great idea to carry Truffle and Brulee around with me since they don’t travel with me.

  20. Kia says:

    Oh my goodness! Too cute! She is so talented 🙂

  21. FiveSibesMom says:

    Oh, I looove these! I need (yes, need!) to have these made of my FiveSibes! So creative and talented!

  22. FiveSibesMom says:

    PS – Great interview, too!

  23. These are very cute! I love the idea of being able to bring them you in your pocket! She did a great job.

  24. Oh those are adorable. I don’t think traveling with them is weird at all, but I’m probably a bad judge of that! They would make such a sweet gift, too.

    • Oh thank you for commenting! I love them so much! And to your point – what a great gift since you just need a photo. What’s nice about traveling with them is they can fit in my purse!

  25. Barb Diehl says:

    Can you do curly goldendoodle? Do you have a sample?