Giving Back to Portland, Ore. Animal Rescues



Before the Caplan pack was Walter, Shermie and Bruiser, it was Jack and Sandy. My brother-in-law found our dog Jack beneath a car in L.A. and our dog after that Sandola, was found at a local animal rescue in Portland, Oregon.

I included a resource above that includes a number of rescues in the Portland area but my short list below are the three rescues I have personal ties to and want to support at all costs.

So, here are three Portland based animal rescues folks should donate to this month!

Animal Aid – Our dog Sandola was rescued by this wonderful animal organization


Their mission:

  • To prevent and reduce animal suffering by providing assistance to abused, homeless, injured and sick animals.
  • To actively promote and encourage altering of all pets to reduce and prevent overpopulation.
  • To find loving, dependable and nurturing forever homes for animals in our care at the shelter and in foster homes.
  • To educate the public by teaching and promoting the ethic of compassion, respect for all animals, and the need to be kind and responsible stewards.

Indigo Rescue – I now sit on the board for Indigo Rescue and Bruiser was saved by their executive director, Heather Hines


(thanks Lindsey Hile for this photo of Bruisy!)

Their mission: We provide specialized, life-saving intervention for animals with unique characteristics and needs that render them unadoptable by shelter standards.  We do this by:

  • Working with area shelters, rescue organizations and community members to identify animals in need.
  • Recruiting, training and providing on-going support to foster families.
  • Providing specialized medical and behavioral intervention where needed.
  • Working carefully to ensure ideal permanent placements.
  • Providing follow-up support to adopters.
  • Promoting spay/neuter programs and responsible pet ownership.
  • Assisting and coaching people in search and rescue efforts for lost pets.

Oregon Humane Society – Shermie was at Oregon Humane Society for a few short hours before I rushed over there after deciding we were going to be a three dog family!

Their mission: The Oregon Humane Society rescues, heals and adopts more than 11,000 pets each year. We never place a time limit on how long cats, dogs and other pets stay at our shelter. OHS relies on donations to support our adoption, education, and animal cruelty investigation programs.


One of the suggestions in the Blog Paws blog was to remember your deceased animal by donating to their rescue. I have done this for the last four years since our dog Sandy has passed away. It’s a great time of the year to remember the animals no longer with us.



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  1. All three sounds like wonderful organizations. Of course, Indigo Rescue might be my favorite because as you know I also like the less adoptable guys.

  2. Jean Dion says:

    I have to hang my head and admit that I’ve never heard of Indigo Rescue. Now I must find out everything! Good thing I know a board member, right? 🙂

    • Oh you would love Indigo – we pull animals out of Washington County and we also have Indigo Ranch in Vernonia that helps fund the rescue arm. Please let me know if you have any questions!

  3. Those are some great organizations! Oregon seems to have so many neat things. We must go West!

  4. Kari says:

    Such lovely faces! We’ll definitely rescue our next dog. These do sound like great organizations. Thanks for posting about them.

  5. Elaine says:

    Such a wonderful post for this time of year and I love the idea of remembering the rescue organization of a pet that’s passed away. What a great way to give something back to a group that provided a pet that gave so much love and joy.?

    • Thank you – it seems to be such a great time of year to think about all the sweet munchkins that have passed and then do something in their memory. There are a few ceremonies around where you can light a candle but they are super sad and I cry the whole time! So much love!

  6. Similarly, when a close friend/family loses a pet, we will donate to a local rescue in the pet’s name. It has brought great comfort to many.

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