GoPro Beach Footage: Practice Makes Perfect


Practice Makes Perfect: Well, sort of… Wordless Wednesday 

These pictures are from our 4th of July daytime adventure. The main goal was to run the dogs (Shermie) and take the edge off since this is not a holiday we look forward to… even with a lot of planned activities and creative solutions to get us through the night, we may just stay on the coast next year as they don’t have fireworks.

So Shermie was clearly telling Bruiser below to thank us for trying. 


Well we did it: strapped on the GoPro and got some footage…part of the creative plan to burn energy and work out the kinks. 


Yes, I’m wearing sweats and a skirt as it wasn’t a perfect “beach day”. In Oregon, the coast sometimes doesn’t even get to 70 degrees even though Portland is 80ish degrees. 


We’re going to have to tighten the harness for Walter or just have Shermie wear it. Let’s just say it’s going to take some practice! 

Thanks for stopping by. Happy July! Next time we get some better footage I’ll post the video (edited) with some music.

Since this Wordless Wednesday’s theme is Lost Pet Prevention Month: I contributed a guest post to PetHub over the weekend that talks about tips for keeping anxious animals safe. How did your four legged friends do last night?  


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  1. Piranha Banana says:

    How fun is that? Thank you for sharing. We were thinking about getting one and now see that it requires a lot of expert work – which you did great at!

    • Thank you! You must get one — set up wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be… but the shooting part and editing is going to take some practice! 🙂 Appreciate your kind thoughts!

  2. Emma says:

    Well, now we feel better about when we use our Sony Action Cam. Having it on when we run makes mom nauseous just like it is in your video and our camera slides off to the side no matter what we do. No matter, it is still fun for filming something different. We just stink at video, but still attempt it now and then. Looks like a great place to have some fun! No worries about your outfit! You should see what Mom wears for tracking in the mornings…so embarrassing!

    • Thanks! Yes – I also felt super dizzy after watching all the videos and honestly only 1-2 were even worth posting. It fell to the side almost ten times and finally I took it off. 🙂 I think video is really hard and I want to get better at it but need advice! My outfit got worse over the day, more layers and suddenly I looked ridiculous!!

  3. Lindsay says:

    Adorable! Reminds me when we put the GoPro on Baxter and it flopped a bit. Loved seeing life from their perspective. 🙂

    I’m at the airport waiting to leave Barbados – talk to you in a couple of weeks!! Xo

    • I also love this perspective – it make the world so much more interesting. No wonder their noses are down all the time! Have a fabulous vacation! I saw your pic on Facebook and immediately smiled. ENJOY!! XO

  4. S'more Dogs says:

    I have a collar mounted camera I put on Hershey one time, haven’t used it since. Similar problems with even more flopping about!

  5. We have a GoPro that Oz wears and yes, it does take some practice! We found taking time lapse photos from the dog harness gives a more steady “video”. LOL Your videos are fun!

    • We are going to need to practice for sure – do you have any tips? We’ll try the time lapse photos next time as I could use those for a blog post – while this video well it won’t go much further than You Tube! 🙂 Thank you!

  6. I’d love to try a GoPro on Kilo. Looks like so much fun!

  7. Elaine says:

    Beach video, yay! ???? It turned out pretty good. We realized the first few times that we didn’t have the harness tight enough too and the front mount position was really shaky, since Haley kept hitting it with her legs, lol.

    I’m so jealous you have a beach close to you, even if it is a little chilly sometimes. I bet the dogs just love going there.

    • Hopefully it didn’t make you dizzy to watch it! The harness was for sure too loose and then every time I tried to tighten it up it would start to slant! The dogs do love the beach and it’s typically empty which is good for our pack… for sure even chilly is a good time! Thank you!

  8. I loved seeing video footage. I really want a GoPro! Hope the fourth wasn’t too difficult for Shermie and Bruiser!

  9. I love the video footage. Can’t wait to get a Go Pro – I think they’re so much fun to use! Keep practicing keep sharing!

    • Thank you! It’s super fun to see all the footage but we have a lot of work cut out for us! You must get one, and I think the beach wasn’t the best environment for our first try. 🙂

  10. Jean Dion says:

    Yay for the GoPro footage! I think it looks just wonderful, wobbles and all. It’s a true doggie cam!

    Jean from Welcome to the Menagerie

  11. Love your footage! We had so much fun with GoPro footage shot by Leo. Turned out, 18 minutes was a lot for anyone to watch from the POV of a dog’s back…

    • Thank you! I had to edit it down to 2 minutes which still felt really long! 18 minutes! I’d like to see snippets – I’ll hop over to see what was posted — or send me the link! The footage is pretty ridiculous of Walter eating bad stuff and rolling in worse stuff…

  12. Rochelle says:

    Love this!! We just got a GoPro with dog harness as well and I’m excited to play around more with it! 🙂

  13. I love the angle of the footage and I loved it when Walter tried to roll over!!! So funny!!!

  14. Rachel says:

    Oh my goodness – I laughed out loud so hard! This is absolutely adorable! I love seeing life from the view of a dachshund. 🙂 Can’t wait for the next video!

    • Thanks! So nice of you. Walter is kind of disgusting and likes to roll in things he probably shouldn’t roll in. Hope the next video isn’t quite as rocky!! lol.

  15. HAPPY HAZEL says:

    What a fun 4th of July at the beach! 🙂 It’s so cool Walter filmed a footage with a gopro! We subscribed to your channel and looking forward to see more cool videos! 😀