Happy Birthday Bruiser! The True Meaning of Friendship

Well, Bruiser is 14 years old and the oldest dog I’ve ever had the privilege of sharing my life with.

We had a super scary weekend about two weeks ago as he went into congestive heart failure but pulled through like a superhero. I don’t want to write a long, sad post about his heart disease though. I’d prefer to stick to why birthdays are important to acknowledge.

And thank you, Gretchen, for the beautiful “Forget Me not” themed cake. She also baked Walter’s cake too@!

So why should you celebrate birthdays? What’s so important about the bond between us and man’s best friend?

The history of our relationship with dogs is fascinating. We have been relying on them to guard our land and protect our livestock for a long time.

But what about our friendship and the bond?

I asked fellow dog bloggers to talk about what these relationships (with their animals) mean to them! These should make you tear up – I did!

Jodi Chick – Kol’s Notes

Felix has been the one constant in my life for over a decade through moves, job changes, relationship and more. No matter what is happening in my life, the only thing I can really count on is his wagging nubbin and snuggles at the end of the day. He is the living embodiment of unconditional love and ANY CHANCE to celebrate him is absolutely worth it.”

Maggie Bradburn Marton – Oh My Dog Blog!

“My dogs, past and present, remind me every single day to live in (and enjoy) the moment. They never stress over the past or worry about the future. They just live, and they live to experience the best things in life… walks, food, playing, snoozing, cuddling… and, of course, the intense joy over spending time with friends and family. My dogs have always been my spirit guides, even the difficult dogs (maybe even more so the difficult dogs)!”

Denise Yoder-Gruzensky –  Denise’s Dog Dish

“All of my fur kids have reminded me what it truly means to forgive, let the past go and find happiness in each moment. They love us, their new forever home, unconditionally and are able to experience and bring immense joy no matter how badly they were hurt before.”

Bryn Nowell – A Dog Walks Into a Bar

“Every day, I aspire to be the way my dogs view me. I wish humans were as quick to forgive and offer love unconditionally. I am thankful for having them in my life to help show me the way and to embrace their joy!”

Rochelle BaRoss – The Broke Dog 

“I’m not even sure what to say. I just love Henry so much. He’s helped me make SO MANY amazing friends and come out of my shell (on the internet, of course, because’s he’s a special boy and has trouble going out in some public places.) I’ve met so many people who love dogs as much as I do, and who also deal with some anxiety and mental health issues. (Which have, thankfully, not been as much of an issue because of this amazing community he’s helped me cultivate.) I’ve been able to use his anxiety as a jumping off point to be a voice for mental health awareness, and many people have thanked me for that. He’s just the best!” 

Kristin Avery – The Daily Pip 

“I really like what Maggie said about dogs being spirit guides – I would definitely agree. My animals (both cats and dogs) give my life balance and are a forever reminder of my passions and true self. I have also struggled with depression and anxiety on and off for most of my life and my animals have always been the ones who help bring me back. And to get to really mushy …Pip helped me rediscover writing and parts of myself (and dreams) I thought were long gone. I got my MFA in art and writing in my twenties and then pretty much didn’t do anything creative for like 15 years. I started the blog as a way to raise funds for his shelter – it was supposed to be temporary (ha!) Pip’s definitely my spirit dog. He led me back to writing and a more creative and passionate life in general. And of course, Ruby picked up where he left off.”

Alison Reder –The Sarcastic Dog 

“Everything everyone else has said plus my dogs are teaching me to wag my tail with uninhibited joy and to be more present in the moment. They ultimately connected me with all of you so I am grateful for their ability to help me create my community. They have gotten me through some very dark times and have provided the purest joy and unconditional love, even on a bad hair day!”  

Complete with Forget Me Not Flowers!


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  1. Beth says:

    Happy Birthday to Bruiser! I’m glad he had a special birthday celebration. Besides being incredibly loving, loyal and all around awesome, they are really honest. You never really have to guess if they like something or not.

  2. Sweet! I’m glad Bruiser is okay now!!

    And, ditto what Maggie said about the dogs being spirit guides! My pups – those who are waiting for me at the Bridge and those still with me – have always been my best teachers. Each, in her own way, has taught me to appreciate and treasure life’s moments. And each of them has her own special place in my heart for their own special reason. I know my pups’ spirits will always be with me, whether their bodies are here with me or not.

    • Thank you! He is hanging in there at 14! We’re on a lot of heart meds but so far so good. I agree – they are the BEST teachers. I used to just go-go-go and now I’ve slowed down to appreciate those moments with them. I agree with you 100%. Hope you’re well and Hi to your pack!

  3. Sandy Weinstein says:

    i wish you the best Happy Bday ever, and hope that you have many more happies. take care of yourself Bruiser. lots of love and kisses.

  4. Denise says:

    Happy birthday sweet Bruiser! Love, hugs, and kisses!!

  5. Happy Birthday Bruiser! I LOVE the forget-me-not cake! Such a sweet post! Milestones should be celebrated with those we love – dogs, humans, cats, etc.

  6. Lindsay says:

    That last picture of the trio is so, so cute. 🙂
    Happy belated birthday Bruiser! May he have many, many more.