Mt. Hood with Dogs: One of the Seven Wonders

PACK pic

The Pacific Crest trail on Mt. Hood has one of the best hikes in all of Oregon. All three of the dogs were able to hike in 3-4 miles with no issues. You start at Timberline and enter near the ski trails. They’re easy to find… we were able to keep two dogs off leash and Walter on leash given all the chipmunks. there are a lot of activities you can do on the mountain at Skibowl if interested.

We typically hike: The Pacific Crest Trail, the Salmon River trail and the Barlow Trail – all are dog friendly. This is Shermie running down a trail and Walty (on leash) ready to chase after…something! Mt. Hood is one of the seven wonders in Oregon and it’s obvious why. Enjoy the changing leaves this September and get outdoors!

Sherm running on the mtn