The Oregon State Fair Does Not Disappoint


Hi all! Anyone that lives near a state fair this summer should get in the car and make it a road trip. This is a essentially a photo gallery from our day at The Oregon State Fair. My favorite area to check out is the 4H animals and judging (many of my pictures are of the animals of course). If you enjoy the horse show and competitions you should check out the schedule and head down.

The Oregon State Fair runs through September 4th and it’s located at the state fair grounds in Salem. It took us about 45 minutes round trip on a weekend day and its well worth the road trip.

Given this is a dog blog – I must mention Dog Town! Dog Town has dock diving and a large schedule of dog sporting events. We’ll go back and watch the Sheriff K-9 demo. Enjoy! The fair marks the end of summer which leaves me with that pit in the bottom of my stomach. Do you have a state fair or carnival you attend each summer?



Yes, there are beautiful Clydesdale horses at the fair.


The parade featured the Oregon Dairy Princess!




There is NOTHING better than soft serve ice cream at the fair – this is the “baby cone” I ordered. Did you know that milk is our state beverage?


Yes, there are donkeys you can hang out with!


It was a hot weekend so many of the sheep had “cooling vests” which are adorable.



Sheep shearing at the state fair – many of these wonderful sheep have “award” winning wool.

The horses there are magnificent. Check out the horse schedule.


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  1. Lindsay says:

    I just LOVE watching sheep get sheered – they always look so darn funny and naked afterwards. I love that they’ve got cooling vests on them, too. That’s smart.

    Looks like SO MUCH fun! 🙂

    • Oh my gosh – it was the traditional visit that I love to do every year. Do you all have one close to you? The sheep were so sweet and so hot. I think they loved having all that wool removed. It was like 90 that day. Who knew even sheep have cooling vests! 🙂

      • Lindsay says:

        They have fairs but they’re kinda janky and not what I see in your pictures. 🙂 Or ones I do find in little towns are on weekends im working or busy. Always something.

  2. I am sure we have state fairs in southern IL, but we haven’t gone to one. In the city, we have neighborhood street fairs which end around Labor Day. I love them – great people watching, fun music, food and beer. Always sad when they end for the summer.

    In Fall, we have pumpkin and harvest fairs in nearby towns outside the city. We always make a point of going to at least one.

    • I love your Chicago fairs! I remember going to one near a BBQ place we used to go to -Twin Acres – in Lincoln Park. Plus you all have the BEST beer. 🙂 Have FUN!

  3. Emma says:

    Looks like you had a real nice time. It is state fair time. Mom isn’t a big fair fan, she only goes every few years, but she goes for the ice cream, fried cheese curds, and mini donuts. She also likes to visit the animal barns, but is not a fan of horses, so usually checks cows and sheep.

  4. Elaine says:

    I love going to fairs! We have one of the largest county fairs in our area and I’m always amazed by all of the animals. There’s nothing like getting caught in a pig stampede too, haha! It looks like you had a fantastic time there this year.

    • Me too! It’s like an end of summer guilty pleasure! I’m so jealous as your fair sounds much bigger than outs. I would LOVE to get caught up in a pig stampede. Enjoy yours!!

  5. Wow! What a day. Loved all the photos of the animals.

  6. Jean Dion says:

    Yay! I’m planning to head on over there on Sunday–right before it closes down for good. I can’t believe the summer is nearly gone already!

    Jean from Welcome to the Menagerie

    • Hi! You will NOT regret it! We had so much fun last weekend and even though I filled up on corn dogs and ice cream it was worth it. Enjoy! I also cannot believe tomorrow is Sept. 1???

  7. Looks like a lot of fun! I love State fairs, I always eat way too much.

  8. Jan K says:

    We don’t go every year, and not always to the same one either – there are a lot to choose from around here all summer long. Dock diving is my favorite thing to see when we do go!