Pet Sits & Dog Walks: Three Reasons To Hire Me

Why you should hire a pet sitter:

I’m a creature that enjoys animals – perhaps sometimes over humans. While I freelance write as my full-time gig, I’m officially in the dog walking and pet sitting business starting NOW. The shingle is out and the husband supportive. I’m part of the Rover network. Some of you know that I wrote for Rover’s blog and I’ve grown to love the brand and the resources they have for Rover sitters and dog walkers.

I’m booking up for the holidays and looking for some regular dog walking clients.

I just returned from a trip to visit my family and our pet sitter was amazing. I left her 5 pages of notes and a chart with medication for our old dog Bruiser. Anyone would have thought my notebook and stickies around the house were crazy! So I GET IT. I am YOU. I know how nerve-racking it is to leave your dogs behind.

Here are some reasons why I should help you out:

(Not to mention you need a vacation badly and you cannot take your dogs…)

  1. Puppy raising can be challenging and sometimes you need a village of help. Don’t tackle it all by yourself.
  2. Seniors are my specialty – I live with two and they need patience. If you need some help while you’re gone with medications – reach out. Perhaps one of the new medications needs to be given at lunch… and you are at WORK! I’ll come over.
  3. You recently added a second or third dog and need an extra hand with walks during the day. AND you found out your dog is reactive on leash. 🙂 Welcome to the reactive leash dog club. I’m an expert and have years of experience walking reactive dogs.

I’m doing walks, overnight visits, and drop-ins. I’m a member of Pet Sit USA.

My Rover profile
Your Promo Code: MYLIFEWITHDOGSPDX120 for anyone new to Rover.

Walter: An honest pic of how long he is!

Walter: An honest pic of how long he is!

Another post everyone can hopefully relate to Vacation without our dog.


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  1. Lindsay says:

    Good for you Christy. 🙂 I love that you mention your speciality is seniors. I hope that appeals to many because someone sitters can’t be bothered with the elderly, it’s too much. But it’s so rewarding. I have such a soft spot for the older ones. Often times they just need a bit more time to do things at their pace.

    I know you’ll be a busy lady. Have fun doing so. 🙂

    • Hi! Thank you! I thought of you this past weekend – are you pet sitting/walking full time? Or just part-time? I love seniors so much and I know my guy needs a lot of attention so hoping others feel the same way and need a pet sitter! Do you have your own pet sitting business? I almost sent you a long email asking 100 questions…. 😉

      • Lindsay says:

        LOL! I work part time, and always one weekend a month every four weeks. I help out more if I can or if I’m needed, I Im just part time.
        I don’t have my own business but work for a lady that’s had her business going for 17 years in my town and has a phenomenal reputation. 🙂

        If I could bank $60k a year pet sitting, I’d quit my full time gig in a heart beat. :). Someday I’ll be doing it full time.

        How are you making out thus far???

        Happy to answer anything my dear.

        • Oh me too!! I would love to do this full time. I have a few (like 2) pet sits in December and a cat sit over Thanksgiving which should be fun. Rover covers my insurance and it’s an easy platform for pet owner’s to use so I like it but they take a cut! I love that you have an arrangement where you work one weekend every 4 weeks – that’s awesome. I have a list of meet and greet questions – and I was thinking about getting this pet sitting certification but it seems like over kill… -have you seen this and should I pursue?

          • Lindsay says:

            It’s really ideal for me, and for awhile there’s i had two cats I’d visit that lived three condo buildings over and I had them for three months while their dad was away. He came back and I’m actually missing them… seeing them daily was kinda nice. 🙂

            See, I don’t know much about rover at all, I’ll be honest with you. I should check it out for my area.

            Hmmm… do you have a url for the course you’re referring to? I think it defends what it entails, how long, the cost. It certainly wouldn’t hurt. I’ve done Pet first aid courses, behaviour and defensive training for dogs as well.

            Your visits sound like fun. So do you have gave a profile and people reach out to you through the website? Is that how it works?

            Email me if you have a bunch of questions.

  2. Jan K says:

    Good for you, and I hope it goes well! I tried pet sitting for a while, but it wasn’t for me. Not because I don’t love animals, because of course I do, but the odd hours just didn’t work for me. If you lived in my area, I’d hire you for sure!

    • Thank you! I wish I lived near you! Bottom line -I hear YOU. The hours are odd and I’m getting used to the cadence for sure. I’m doing a lot of Drop in’s which I like as it feels like there is more flexibility… hope you are well!!!