Senior Health & Wellness Article Round-Up

I spend time writing blog posts but also write health and wellness articles for – a pet sitting/dog walking resource found in cities throughout the country. Someone asked me recently about the articles I’ve written about senior dogs and it dawned on me that I’ve never done a quick round-up post. These are some of my fave articles about seniors.

I have a special place in my heart for seniors and live with two. Honestly, it’s only until recently (over the past 2-3 years) that I’ve come to the realization that because I spend a lot of my time caring for two senior dogs this is where my knowledge base has grown – exponentially. Also, I’m a reporter and I do a ton of research for my articles. The health and wellness topic that I’ve been spending a lot of time researching lately include dog dementia (this is a very real thing) and ways to enrich your senior dogs.

So if you’re interested- check out the below!

Here are a few links to “senior-related articles” on my blog:

Freelance articles on seniors



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  1. It’s a sad fact that if we have dogs, we eventually face issues such as dementia. I’ve started this journey with my dog Soldier and it’s so much easier with the help of others who have already been there.

    • I am so with you Lori. I honestly haven’t lived with a dog with dementia before Bruisy. While in early stages I’m trying to do everything I can to try and make sure I can prolong it as much as possible. The research for the article I linked to was helpful but also terrifying. I agree with the help of others it seems like the world isn’t quote as dark. Thanks for your comment.