Swan Island Dahlia Farm is Dog Friendly

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Top Reasons to Go:

  1. It’s DOG Friendly! You can take your well behaved dog on leash and there is enough space to navigate the flower rows without having to run into tons of dogs
  2. Labor Day weekend and the weekend prior there is a Dahlia Festival – might be crowded but tons of fun
  3. Canby is a really easy drive and after you get off of I-5 – it’s like ten more minutes so a no brainer half-day or day trip
  4. Wouldn’t you rather mix up your park walks with a walk in the middle of flower fields! There are endless opportunities for selfies and this is enrichment for your dogs
  5. It’s FREE to park and walk around. And a bundle (a generous bundle) of dahlias was only $7 last week so that’s a no brainer

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