Wordless Wednesday: Nosework with Walt


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  1. Emma says:

    Looks like an ORT and an interior search. Nose work is such a fun sport.

    • Did you say you all passed your NW1 and NW2? We’re nervous about containers – that was a practice match from this weekend, we did everything except vehicle…

      • Emma says:

        I have my NW1, NW2, L1V, L1C titles. Bailie is in a trial for NW1 and L1V the first weekend in April and I’m entered for L2V. I’m hoping to get a spot in an NW3 trial in May, but they are so hard to get into. Bailie should be at my same level, but since you can only enter one dog, I got started first and then Bailie couldn’t get a spot in the two she tried to enter. Just have fun, remember not to call alert too fast. Containers can be so fun. In mine, they used pizza boxes on stools one search, boxes on the grass for another, odd shaped boxes in a random pattern, and one was an ORT like set up. Can’t wait to hear how it goes for you.

        • Oh you have so many titles! CONGRATS! Any advice for our L1 Containers trial? I’m using pizza boxes for home practice this week…

          • Emma says:

            Just keep moving, don’t call alert too early if you are not sure, if you move and your dog stays on the box they are alerting on it is a good sign, if the boxes are in a row, keep walking past the end of the row a couple feet, then turn and go back on the other side. Good luck. Elements trials are a lot of fun as they are not as “boring” as the trial set up.

  2. Kar says:

    Nose work is so fun, because we get to see what our dogs are designed for! It’s pretty amazing to see how well they can find stuff!

  3. Lindsay says:

    Happy Wednesday! A pint-sized little scent detector – AWESOME! ūüôā

  4. LB Johnson says:

    Excellent. Mom sponsors a Search Dog at Search Dog Foundation and it’s so much fun to see them train.

    Abby the Labrador (Mom’s family lives just north of PDX but we’re in Chicago)

  5. Go Walter! Let me know the next time you trial, and maybe I’ll come volunteer and we can hang out.

  6. I’m learning so much about nose work these days. Might have to look into it for Harley. He might enjoy it.