Wordless Wednesday: Rope Tug Toys


Walter needed to tug a little on Sunday as it was raining so we immediately grabbed this awesome fleece tug a friend gave us!

I wanted to share a “how to” post I found. This one is written by “Dalmatian DIY” – the pattern she uses in this post is similar to the one my friend made.

Have you ever made any of these for your dogs? Do you have a resource you want to share?


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  1. Looks like tons of fun!!! Brando wants us to make one for him!!! <3

  2. Emma says:

    We have several good tug toys. Bailie and Madison love to play tug, but it usually ends up in a wrestling match.

  3. Walter looks like he is having lots of fun. I’m DIY challenged so I haven’t made a rope toy or any toy. LOL

  4. Heather Reid says:

    Walter does look like he’s having fun. Sometimes rainy day play is the best. I made a rope toy out of socks and a tennis ball. Just cut the sock into strips, braid it, cut holes in the tennis ball, and string the sock braid through. Max loved it (even though it was a bit small for him)

  5. My dog tugs on my toes and on his stuffed fox, but this looks cool.

  6. Jean Dion says:

    Wow! Hope you have a tight grip on that toy. Looks like someone is determined to rip it out of your hands!

    Jean from Welcome to the Menagerie

  7. A game of tug is always fun.

  8. Jan K says:

    I’m not much for DIY, but we did review some fleece toys a while ago and the crew loved them. They even stood up for a little while to my crazy chewers. I might have to get some more of those; they say that chewing on the fleece can help keep their teeth clean too!

    • I didn’t know about the teeth cleaning aspect. That’s a nice bonus to these! yea – Walter can only have this for maybe 10-15 minutes or he’d shred the whole thing. 😉

  9. Monika & Sam says:

    That’s one cool DIY!

  10. Beth says:

    Theo loves to play tug, we made some tug toys by braiding strips of old t-shirts, but they aren’t as cute as the square knots. http://www.dailydogtag.com/diy/diy-t-shirt-chew-toy/