Wordless Wednesday: Snow Gear



Doxies ready for whatever the weather serves up! How much “winter” gear do you have for your dogs!?

This pile may be overkill. Do you think this is over the top? It’s for three dogs so making myself feel better!

More about “coats” in this post if practical apparel is of interest.

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  1. Crystal says:

    Oh man, if that pile is overkill, I don’t even know how to begin describing my massive pile of dog gear. In my defense, I sew most of it myself…

    • LOL!!! Oh good – that makes me feel better!! Do you sell any of what you make? Maybe I should add to my pile!! 🙂

      • Crystal says:

        I’ve sold a few things here or there, but I don’t generally make much to sell. Partly because it is hard to get that perfect fit on a dog that I don’t have present for fittings (and I am super picky about the fit being right), and partly because once I factor in my materials and the time spent, few people want to spend that much on a dog coat.

        • Well if you make anything for doxies than please send me a link! Seriously, since our weather and snow is so wet I’m washing coats all day long so the more apparel the better!

  2. I love their coats. We rarely have temps cold enough for coats but I do have some just in case they need them ☺

  3. Emma says:

    We just wear out furs. There is one coat for tiny puppies but that would be it. The only thing we do wear in the bitter cold or with wet snow are the PAWZ boots. You guys look nicely bundled.

    • Oh I need to look at boots for old Bruisy so I’ll look at that brand. We tried a few others and he’s so small and they just didn’t work well. FYI due to weather our Nosework trial may be cancelled on Saturday!! SO bummer and I knew you’d appreciate that…. 😉

      • Emma says:

        We would be so bummed if a trial was cancelled! Bailie has an elements trial the end of February, the first winter trial in the Midwest, L1C and L1I, we hope the weather is alright as we have a 5 hour drive to get there. Should be fun! We hope to start off the new season on the right paw!

  4. Shanna says:

    Nice coats. I don’t think it’s even close to overkill; have to keep those little babes cozy!

  5. I don’t think it’s overkill! Check out my post today. Ruby has a sweater for everyday of the week plus a coat or two

  6. With the way fashion changes these days, you can never have too many coats!!! Keep warm!!! <3

  7. Jan K says:

    They’re so cute in their coats! I don’t think you can have too much gear. I do go through mine every once in a while and if there are things we are not using, I will give them to our local shelter. That makes me feel better about my hoarding. LOL

    • Thank you so much! I need to go through mine and do the exact same thing as soon as the winter months close out – AND I’m a gear hoarder for sure!! never enough coats!