My Dog’s Yelp Review: Our Trip on Mt. Hood

A day trip while on Mt. Hood

A day trip while on Mt. Hood

The pack:

Bruiser: 12 year old doxie, nickname Bruisy or “the warrior”

Walter: 3 year old doxie, nickname Walty or “monster”

Shermie: 8 year old beagle/basset hound or a.k.a. “crazy mixed breed”  


“Highs but more lows” —

Well, we stayed five nights and I wish Mom read the previous Yelp posts a lot more carefully. The bottom floor of the cabin consisted of carpet and a very slippery tile floor in the kitchen. We all know that Walter, my brother, has texture issues. It took the entire vacation before he was able to walk across the kitchen floor without sheets on the ground! We celebrated on day five with meat balls.

Crazy neighbors next door freaked everyone out. The giant white German Shepard and unstable Lab clearly didn’t appreciate the rental situation they lived next too – as they stared at us intensely every time we left to get back into the car for day trips, we thought we were lucky to get a quick potty in before becoming their next meal. I’m pretty brave but come ON.

Mom and dad really messed up the fire place the first night. Note for the next renters – make sure you read all the directions and don’t assume the flue is open.  And make sure to check the fire alarm is working since Mom had to jam a hammer into the alarm to shut it off! We stood outside in the cold while smoke poured out the door for over an hour…

To top it off we went to that place again where they filmed the Shining. Their St. Bernard is scary enough so can we skip that trip next time? Mom never listens. She says it’s her favorite hike and place on the mountain – I think she’s afraid that because I’m 12, it’ll be my last trip there or something… I may be nicknamed the warrior but really?


“Almost Perfect”

Really? I couldn’t walk from the main room to the kitchen the entire week. Was this punishment for chewing on the blankets? Was this some new training technique? Lock us all in a cabin and feed me treats for walking across the floor that is slippery and clearly dangerous? I thought I would almost certainly break a leg. It’s not my fault I wasn’t exposed to new surfaces as a puppy – give me a break.

That part of the trip was awful but hiking every day made it the best week ever.

I also loved spending time with the entire family – even… I mean especially, Bruiser.


“Five out of five stars”

Bruiser is right about the St. Bernard, all I wanted to do was get as far away from him as possible. WHY do we have to park near that lodge every time we go on that hike – that hike IS awesome and I love running as fast as I can down the steep, narrow path as I’m the only one allowed off leash.

Something kicks in when I’m on that Pacific Crest trail. Perhaps my inner wolf comes out…

OK, the smells! The cabin smelled like an entire pack of Chihuahua’s had been eating spicy sausages. The tiny hot dogs used in those Super Bowl crockpot recipes.  I loved it.

Walter is crazy, I’m not sure what the deal was with the kitchen floor and he missed out on a lot of crumbs.

Hackles are up just thinking about the White Shepard next door. Dog had some issues clearly. Definitely consider this before you make a reservation. Perhaps staying in the super-hot months is a better alternative since they may be inside more… that was intense.

What the doxies didn’t mention? The deck out back was great for sun bathing. There were some tiny biting flies that made outside time unpleasant for Walter but I loved the deck. The deck is a selling point. Five out of five stars.


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  1. Oh no about your awful cabin neighbors! That doesn’t sound fun! The rest of the post really made me LOL, though! 😀

    • I know, right?! It was a very fun trip but anytime we travel with the pack, it’s always an adventure! I ran outside with the doxies for potty breaks and got the evil eye from the German Shepard next door twice a day for many days! We laugh about it now! Thanks for your note!

  2. Cathy Armato says:

    What an adventure! Sorry you had a neighbor giving you the evil eye every day but sounds like the hiking was great. Life is a big old adventure! Thanks for sharing this fun & clever post!
    Love & biscuits,
    Dogs Luv Us and We Luv Them

  3. Jana Rade says:

    Beautiful place! With cabins close together, neighbors matter. Sorry that part didn’t work out so well for you.

  4. Carleen says:

    Mt Hood is such a pretty area.

  5. kelly says:

    Sounds like you had quite the adventure! I’m happy to hear that Walter finally made it across the floor. And what fun it must have been to celebrate with meatballs!

  6. Suzanne Dean says:

    Great adventure review. Bad neighbors are everywhere, you’re bound to run into them somewhere. St. Bernard’s can be scary depending on your size. It sounds like you doggies had some fun and it will be an adventure you will remember always.

  7. Well Cujo was a St. Bernard! We haven’t made it up to the Shining house yet. We need to.

  8. Sorry to hear about the bad neighbors. 🙁

    I love the photo! Looks like you had some fantastic scenery.

  9. Sounds like a great adventure, shame about the bad neighbours though. We love St Bernards though, and have yet to meet a scary one. Stephen King has a lot to answer for with his novel!

  10. Woah!!! Quite the adventure!!!

  11. It’s funny how they each took away a different opinion of the place. We wouldn’t have liked the scary neighbor dog or biting flies either. We also learned the hard way about the fireplace flue. Heeheehee…cough, cough!

  12. Mary Haight says:

    Well that does not sound like a pleasant vacation at all, wow! So sorry! A cabin fire, nasty dogs giving you the stink eye, biting flies…good thing the hiking was great!

  13. It is interesting to hear your different perspectives on the trip. It sounds like the hiking was a well-liked thing by most – except for the scary dog!

  14. Sounds like quite the adventure (with elements of a horror comedy film with the other scary dogs). The hikes must have been great.

  15. Well, I guess this was more of a Yelp review of the cabins and not the hike? I would love to hike on Mt. Hood and I am sure that you enjoyed that part of the trip. I had a really good friend that was a St Bernard so you are all babies. Except for Walter. I still won’t walk on my grandma’s linoleum kitchen floor, I was raised on wood floors. Love Dolly

  16. MattieDog says:

    We lub Mt. Hood! We lib in da Pacific Northwest and do hikes here and there too! You looked like you had a pawesome time!!

  17. Beth says:

    Overall it sounds like it was fun. It is a shame that potty breaks couldn’t have been more leisurely, but at least there were no serious conflicts.

  18. Robin says:

    This sounds like it was a really fun adventure! What a beautiful place to get to explore. I’m glad that the neighbors and other dogs didn’t spoil your time out there.

  19. Bad neighbors are no fun. Otherwise, it sounds like you had a great adventure.

  20. Christie says:

    Brilliant review for the dogs! Poor Walter. Oh my! lol

    Christie from

  21. Uh oh. Well, good thing I live across the entire continent. Won’t be going to those cabins anytime in this lifetime! So sorry! And the fireplace fiasco makes me cringe! Ugh!

  22. Looks like a beautiful place!

  23. Looks like a fun and peaceful place! 🙂

  24. Carol Bryant says:

    WOW I would love to visit there with Dexter and my spouse some time. Looks like a fantastic place to go with your dog.

  25. A Husky Life says:

    What a beautiful area! Too bad about the neighbour, some people are just grouchy :-/

  26. Amazing how quickly winter sets in!! Beautiful spot tho.

  27. It sounds like you all had a fun trip, despite the crazy neighbors and the fireplace incident!

  28. Rachel says:

    I think the picture at the top gives a good idea about the beauty of the hikes! Sounds like a great trip!