Sunday Dog Grooming Tips


Sundays are our grooming day so I thought I’d share some tips! This is also “a day in the life of a Vet Tech”! (Although I no longer practice, I learned a lot from pros at Frontier Vet Hospital). I can help you navigate through muzzle training, nail trimming and ear cleaning.   

  • Exercise your dogs BEFORE you do any grooming – remember, a tired dog is a good dog.



  • Tools for nail trimming: there are many trimmers to choose from but these are the ones I like to use. Lately I’m simply removing tips as we trim nails every week so it’s less stressful and part of their routine. Plus it takes less time this way. Some folks use a Dremel and love it. Personally, our dogs are super noise sensitive so we stick to these.

Note: As a CVT, I did this every day with lots of dogs so I have a lot of practice but if your dog has a pretty good temperament, this can be done by any pet parent.

  • How to fit a muzzle

Watch the video but it’s really easy and it’s OK if you need a muzzle – safer for everyone involved.

  • How to trim nails.


Great image from Vet Tech materials. 


  • How to clean ears. Remember, there are lots of ear cleaners to use. I use one that’s prescribed by our vet and has anti-fungal properties. Sherm and the doxies get a waxy build up so it’s nice to have a good cleaner to use. We do this once a week with all three. 


I’m honored to have been accepted into the Dog Writers Association of America this past week!


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  1. Such a great post Christy! I learned a lot and it was especially great to see the video demonstrations! Thanks!

  2. I absolutely HATE trimming nails. We often take Ruby in for her nails, but sometimes I force myself to do it. She is well-behaved – I’m the one with the issues. It just creeps me out even after all these years.

    • I used to hate trimming too! Once you do it once a week and develop a pattern it’s super easy and takes less than ten minutes. However, I totally get it and if it’s stressful Ruby will know that right away – so better just to take her in to do it BUT if you have questions holler. Does she have black or clear nails?

  3. Emma says:

    Not a fan of being groomed, but I do put up with it when I have to. Bailie is real good about getting her nails done. I think she actually enjoys it!

  4. This was a great post for me. You see, I am terrified of clipping their toe nails. I need to learn, but I’m too afraid of cutting the entire toe off. Sounds silly – but that’s my fear. One day, I will force myself, and thanks to your post, I’m getting there.

    • I totally get it – practice makes perfect and it took me months doing it before I felt 100% comfortable! Hoping these videos show that if you can see the quick you’ll be able to take the tips off BUT with darker nails it’s harder. You should do what’s best and easy for YOU.

  5. HAPPY HAZEL says:

    Great tip! 🙂 It must be so nice to get groomed and relax after a fun beach day! <3 What a perfect life! 😉

  6. Carma Allen says:

    Great post. I am so glad that we use a dremel on our nails. Neither Scooby or me likes to have the clipped.

  7. GREAT post!! I’m still too scared to clip their nails, so the vet does it, but you have reminded me to be more consistent with their ear cleaning!! 😉

  8. Jean Dion says:

    I use a grinding tool on the pug, and he really loves it. He actually falls asleep in my lap during grooming sessions.

    Jean from Welcome to the Menagerie

  9. Sonja says:

    bath? no trouble. Brush? no trouble. Ears? no trouble …. trim the nails? O M G’s the Divo awakens! I stopped trying and now just take him to a groomer who does nail trims for donations to a local pet charity. Because … it’s just so much drama! LOL

    • Oh I get it! The doxies are major Divas. I get it and if I didn’t have training I would take them in as well. Believe me the doxies get muzzled for just about any “grooming” activity!

  10. Lindsay says:

    Congrats on the acceptance into the Dog Writers group. That’s fantastic news and I’m sure you so happy and proud of yourself. You should be!! 🙂

    I need to go home and brush the dogs a hell of a lot more tonight and their nails. I think I need to take some notes from you and make the nails a weekly thing. Baxter’s nails grow like WEEDS, it’s insane. I do one paw at a time as he gets stressed out and I can’t possibly do all four at once.

    I’ll be back for Blog Paws WW next week. Been busy trying to get the Barbados posts going.

    Take care hin!

    • Your Barbados pics are incredible. I was drooling when on your blog last night. Honestly, I hate the nail trimming part but there is so much less drama when we take tips off each week… 🙂 One paw at a time is GREAT!

  11. Beth says:

    You are so smart to have a weekly routine! I know that when we keep up with our dogs’ grooming, it is much easier on all of us. Those are great directions on trimming the nails. I could do two of my dogs’ nails if needed, but my dog Theo is wary of the clippers. He wears a muzzle when he gets his nails trimmed at the vets’ office as a precaution.

    • Keeping the weekly routine is just easier and then it’s less drama over here which is great – thank YOU! I think it’s ok to clip a few one day and then a few the next day for sure with a muzzle. That’s how I’d acclimate any dog even at the clinic. I think party hats for nail trimming is always smart!

  12. These are great tips but mom prefers to “Leave it to the professionals.” We may follow up on the muzzle tips as our vet recommended one for Taffy because of her obsessive need to eat everything on walks. Love Dolly

  13. Elaine says:

    Christy, I love your first tip, to exercise your pet first so they’re tired! That makes all the difference in the world when I trim Haley’s nails. Wonderful post and tips!

  14. You reminded me that Mr. N is due for a nail trim.. now where is that dremel?

  15. Great tips and good reminders. We are guilty about not cleaning ears often enough!

  16. Great tips but one of the Aha’s for me was to exercise your dog prior to grooming, makes total sense but never thought of it before – thank you!

  17. Great tips! I trim Rita’s dew claws with no problem, but I’m afraid to trim her regular nails since they are dark. Luckily her nails get worn down on our walks and runs. I confess… I’ve never actually cut her nails other than her dew claws. And no one else has either. 🙂

    • Thanks! My sister has a Lab and never needs to trim her nails –I’ve always been envious. I hate those dew claws – only the doxies have them in our household and they are the WORST!

  18. I love those muzzles and those nail trimmers they are exactly what we use at our clinic.

    • So funny since I “borrowed” or bought these from Frontier Vet Clinic while I worked there – I LOVE these muzzles…. totally secure and easy to put on!