Dog anxiety: do herbs help?

Shermie has been given herbs for his anxiety for over a month and they’re working. Our holistic vet, Dr. Becky Jester, recommended adding some herbs into his daily routine to address some anxiety he’s having – mainly around Bruiser, our older Doxie. Bruiser and Shermie have lived together their entire lives with zero problems so their recent issues are concerning. I blame Bruiser’s old age which is changing the pack dynamic slightly. Shermie is leash reactive and highly sensitive so I was willing to try anything to take the edge off. The herbs he’s on include: Passion Flower; a tincture with three herbs that address anxiety prepared by Dr. Jester and an herb that supports his adrenal gland (flight or fight hormone). I recommend talking to a holistic vet that has experience prescribing herbs for various wellness issues as I’ve found these herbs to be extremely effective. Bruiser (who I mentioned earlier) is also on herbs that address his chronic GI issue that we think is Irritable Bowel Disease. He hasn’t had any issues in almost two years – which has been a huge relief.

Shermie on the coast

Shermie on the coast


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  1. Hi, I’d love a bit more detail about which herbs are being used, either alone or in combination for the maladies you mention. Thanks, Annette

    • Hi there! Our holistic vet mixes these up for Shermie. It was the best solution so I didn’t have to put him on prozac (which I’m fine with…) -so we have Passion Flower (one capsule each meal), an Adrenal Support herb/supplement for his flight or flight reactive behavior and then a tincture of Skull Cap, Valerian and California Poppy. We do 1/4 tsp in each meal or as needed every four hours. Thanks!